Our referral program is quite simple, when your friends and family see your PDX Meals, they will probably Love them and want to place an order as well. Here is where you come in handy and tell them about our referral services. Applicable to ALL CURRENT Clients (must have an order or have ordered before)

how to join

All you do is have your friends write your name in the "Note to Cooks" Section. Example: Referred by Amanda Bails. This will help us keep track of your referrals.  Every time Amanda brings a friend, their friend will make a note in our system and we'll keep a  record in our system. 


The prices are FREE meals for you all! For every client you refer to us we will give you 2 FREE MEALS!! The meals can be credited any time, so if you have 2 meals in credit, all you gotta do is place an order and text or email us to redeem your credit. You may also leave a note in the "Note to Cooks" Section if its easier for you! We then add the meals to your next delivery and we live happily forever after.